Sunday, December 2, 2007

My First Day

Hiroshima Prefecture
December 2

To Ojiisan, Obaasan, and Chihiro-basan:

Please forgive this letter's lateness. I meant to write as soon as I arrived but it took me a while to get my bearings. But please do not worry about me. I have now settled comfortably at Chris-neesan's home. I hope she does not mind if I get a cat to keep me company.

I was already feeling pangs of homesickness the minute I left Itsukishima but that was easily driven away by the lovely girl who sat beside me on the plane. Her name is Sachiko-san, and she is on her way to visit a few friends. I must say that she is quite an animated talker. I think you would have liked her much, Chihiro-basan. She has what you call a potty mouth, Obaasan, but I must applaud her for her efforts to keep her rough language to a minimum as she regaled me with tales of her friends. I am very glad to have made my first friend in Faux-kyo.

We arrived on time but Chris-neesan and Sachiko-san's human, Kaoko-neesan, were both late in picking us up. I never condone tardiness, but I suppose I am not one to talk, seeing that I have also been late in sending you my regards. Perhaps it is a city thing? The welcome we received was enough to assure me, and our oneesan-tachi eagerly showed us around.

Oh my! There were certainly a lot of tall buildings and bright lights around. I was certain I would be lost if it were not for my companions. The lights make the city look beautiful, but it doesn't compare to Itsukishima. Oh! I should stop feeling sorry for myself. A lady does not sulk. Please know that I will do my best to enjoy my stay in the city and I will make every effort to turn this into my second home.

I woke up early the next day. I was immediately calmed by our peaceful surroundings. It reminded me a bit of home, even if there are no mountains nearby. Later in the day, Chris-neesan and her friend Ryan-niisan took me on a leisurely drive to help me get better acquainted with the city. I understand what makes people here so late! The traffic on the highway is atrocious! But despite this, we were all in high spirits because it was such a bright and sunny day for a drive.

Oh! What a long letter! Please forgive my rambling. I will write another day. I send you all my love and good wishes.

Your Midori


kaoko said...

Michan, welcome to Manila! <3

Midori said...

Thank you for the warm welcome, Kaoko-neesan.