Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Home of My Own

Hiroshima Prefecture
January 23

To Ojiisan, Obaasan, and Chihiro-basan:

Now I know what the surprise Chris-neesan had been cooking up! She has given me my own personal space. Not that I didn't have my own room before, just that it wasn't as private as this one. Isn't it lovely?

The room was bare when I first saw it, as expected, but Chris-neesan and I still shared a small housewarming meal to get things going. Then we slowly added some stuff here and there: green wallpaper (as it has always been my favorite color), a cozy pink bed, a small green and blue vanity table, and even prints of my favorite Van Gogh paintings. I bought the prints with my hard-earned money from my part-time job; I am so pleased.

Chris-neesan had asked me to sew a few things a few weeks ago, and I suspect that they will find their place here. She promises that we will have curtains and other things soon, and I can't wait. Even if this room still a work in progress, I've realized that it's lovely to have all this space to myself. I can slip off my shoes and just relax -- and find things to ruminate over!

I don't have enough room for you right now, but I'd love for it if you can come visit me sometime. Please say you will?

Your Midori

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