Monday, December 17, 2007

Carol Singers

Hiroshima Prefecture
December 17

To Ojiisan, Obaasan, and Chihiro-basan:

How are you doing? Look at what the holidays have done to me! I've taken to conducting a choir of angels. Their voices are lovely but their playing needs more work. So I took it upon myself to instruct them on the finer points of classical music. While we are not exactly of orchestral scope and quality, we do have big plans.

Yesterday's practice session did not go perfectly, however. One of the angels lost a trumpet. As I am a firm believer that nothing is ever truly lost, I meticulously scoured Chris-neesan's home for the missing instrument. Thankfully, I found it after the session is over. I berated Chris-neesan for not keeping a better watch on the angels.

But because I felt guilty for lecturing her, we ended up practicing her favorite carols, like What Child is This, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, and Carol of the Bells. She was polite enough to compliment us after each practice session and even take some photos. She has been so busy lately -- as have I -- but last night, she paused in the middle of work to hint that she had a surprise for me in January. I wonder whatever she could mean. And I do hope she meant that in a good way.

I am sending you your Christmas presents via the post. I hope you get them soon!

Your Midori

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