Monday, December 10, 2007

Meet the Pullips

Hiroshima Prefecture
December 10

To Ojiisan, Obaasan, and Chihiro-basan:

How are all of you? The nights are cold here, but I am warmed by the thought of my new friends. As Sachiko-san promised when we last saw each other, she brought me along to meet a lot of new people. I joined Sachiko-san and her crew before we drove up to meet the others at a coffee shop at the Mall of Asia. I was definitely excited at the thought of making friends.

First, Sachiko-san introduced me to her best friend, Aki-san, and their other friends, Seiji-kun and Junpei-kun. Seiji-kun is Aki-san's older brother while Junpei-kun is their childhood friend (and I suspect, a 'special' friend). I caught them in their own little world more than once. Now, now, Chihiro-basan, I know what you will say: it is not polite for a lady to intrude in other people's business. You must understand why I did it. Aki-san is a sweet girl and I wasn't too comfortable with her being alone with Junpei-kun until I saw how solicitous he was of her. They make such a nice pair that I ended up being envious of their caring glances!

But it was not as if Sachiko-san was going to let Aki-san and Junpei-kun have all the fun! I caught her madly jealous as Seiji-kun politely conversed with the ladies there. She was glaring at everyone! Later, she latched on to him and never let go. I certainly gave her a piece of my mind about the inappropriateness of her behavior! She just looked at me strangely and held on to Seiji-kun even tighter. Seiji-kun seems like such a sensible guy, though. I do hope he can talk some sense into Sachiko-san and soon learn to curb her impulsive manner.

I also made friends with fashionable Cinnamon-san, fun-loving Darcy-san, self-assured Skye-san, and gregarious Jin-kun. Well, kind of friends with Jin-kun. He was begging me for food while I was eating lunch! I found it so improper. Needless to say, I did not give him any. I had a feeling that he enjoyed bugging me. But other than that, he did try to be charming. The girls were a lot of fun as well, as they showed me the latest fashions and gave me tips on where to shop. Being the new girl wasn't as dreadful as I imagined it would be because of their friendly suggestions and their hilarious stories.

Later in the day, we were joined by two other couples, Mimi-san and Stephen-kun and Chikaru-chan and Ryo-kun. Accompanying the latter couple was the biggest surprise of my life. I met my 'twin'! Her name is Shizuka-san and we looked surprising alike for strangers. She is heterochromatic as well (her right eye is purple and her left one is green). She also has the loveliest hair I have ever seen. I should get ask Chris-neesan advice on getting my hair treated soon because a girl must always present her best side to the world. But though we look alike, we have totally different personalities. She is quite mischievous and actually likes getting into trouble. Imagine that!

Our numbers dwindled as the day ended, and pretty soon all that were left were Sachiko-san-tachi, Darcy-san, Skye-san and me. We went outside to chat under the Christmas lights, content with the fun day we spent together and the knowledge that we will be seeing each other again. Now, aren't you glad that your Midori isn't lonely in the city anymore?

Happy but still missing you,
Your Midori

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