Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Different Roles We Play

Hiroshima Prefecture
February 27

To Ojiisan, Obaasan, and Chihiro-basan:

I suppose I should have clarified what it meant to be Seth Midnight's assistant. After a few days of filing his paperwork, he hands me my first 'assignment.'

I should not have been thrilled. Here was how our conversation went:

Midori: You want me to go to a garage? Was there a car theft?

Seth: No, they need someone to fill in during the 3-6 shift for the next five days.

Midori: So I'm to go undercover? Why, is the boss harassing his employees? Is the garage a front for a drug-smuggling operation?

He clears his throat, looks deeps into my eyes, and says...

Seth: Midori, we operate a detective agency that just might find us dealing with the other side of the law. We can't very well advertise ourselves as such. We let our clients find us -- and believe me, if they're desperate enough, they will find us. So to the rest of the world, Midnight Confidential doesn't exist. What does exist is the Midnight Cleaners and Temp Services.

Midori: The Midnight whatta--?

Seth: (goes back to reading his paper) I knew from the get-go your obsessive-compulsiveness was just what I needed to operate. I'm temping you out at 3 PM. I hope that I will not need to remind you to be punctual.

So there I was, unaware of what dual overhead cams were, and suddenly I needed to know how a car worked. And we never even owned one! I suppose Ojiisan's prediction that 'we're going to need one in the future' was somehow right, Obaasan. Anyway, it was lucky for Midnight Cleaners and Temp Services, I was a quick study -- at least, enough of a quick study to tell the camshaft from the crankshaft and not be an embarrassment to anyone. I rather thought I did well, all things considered.

(Except for that time when I forgot to change a client's piston rings. I did apologize profusely.)

Of course, being a garage mechanic was only the beginning. Fortunately, though, Seth seemed to pick up that I wasn't too keen on getting jobs like that so the next one he gave me was comparably cleaner -- I worked as a waitress at a sushi restaurant. It was a good thing I had previous experience waiting on people that this time, it didn't seem like a task at all.

I discovered something surprising, though. When I returned to the office late one night, I found Seth Midnight sleeping on his desk.

Funny how he didn't look the least bit cold or sarcastic while he was sleeping. I suppose it would have been strange if he did. I often wondered what the man did during the day aside from read his newspaper or scribble his notes while I slaved away on his temp jobs but there was something almost vulnerable about him in that position that I lost my irritation.

I thought maybe I would just tell him tomorrow.

Your Midori


Reinhardt said...

I know what you mean! Seth looks serene when he's asleep. Same with Cayenne. When I look at him sleeping, all my troubles for the day is gone!

- Ciel (am using Rui's crummy Blogger account XD)

Colette said...

Bonjour cherie~

I'm happy to see that you are out of the garage and now in a restaurant. I hope it all turns out well for you~ Especially with that strange boss of yours (who looks quite charming.)

Midori said...

I wish I could stop there! But when I saw him the next morning and he ordered me around I again, I lost every intention to forgive him!

Strange is definitely right. The charming part still remains to be seen.

Oh, but my days at the sushi restaurant are numbered! I dread what he has in store for me after this.

Ciel said...

*giggles* I can imagine what the Fates have in store for the both of you. ^_~

midori said...

Oh, Ciel-san! I cannot imagine what you mean by that!