Saturday, February 9, 2008

His New Assistant

Hiroshima Prefecture
February 9

To Ojiisan, Obaasan, and Chihiro-basan:

When Mr. Seth Midnight unexpectedly called and asked me to meet with him, I was more than prepared to engage in a verbal tussle. I am aware that I had let my emotions get the better of me during our previous exchanged but I was now ready to meet him head-on.

So imagine my surprise when he said he wanted me to be his assistant. It seems that Mr. Midnight is a detective, and he was pretty impressed with the way I broke into his office. Also, he claimed that my paper showed clear thinking, excellent organization, and an almost obsessive attention to detail. I was floored.

(Again, I shall quote him verbatim. I suppose if I will be recounting all my conversations you shall have to get used to this.)

Seth: So will you take the job, Midori-san? Or will you have to consult your grandparents in Miyajima first?

Midori: H-how did you know that?

Seth: When I said I was in the business of investigating, please don't mistake it for haphazard fabrication of theories. I am good at what I do. You smell distinctly of vanilla, and you left that scent in this room when you personally delivered your paper which, by the way was impeccable, save for that tiny smudge of food on the last page. Upon closer examination, I deduced that it is dragonfruit-flavored momiji manju. While momiji manju is not exclusive to your island of Miyajima, the only shop to produce such a flavor is located there. Someone must have sent it to you. And since Miyajima is so small, a quick look at the registry shows only one listing for a Mori family -- an elderly couple and their locksmith daughter, your aunt. Am I right?

I couldn't even nod. But was this man ever long-winded!

Seth: Or actually, I could have just called your former employer and asked. She did mention that one of your best qualities was that you were even-tempered and practical. You no longer have a job. I am offering you one. While it seems that we have started off on the wrong foot, I can assure you that as long as you do as you're instructed we will have a very efficient working relationship.

Put like that, how could I refuse? So that was how I ended up working for Midnight Confidential.

Your Midori


professional dreamer nagi said...

But was this man ever long-winded!

i couldn't even agree more hahaha

but at least you now have a new job! good luck, midori!

Midori said...

Thank you, Nagi-san! I am glad that I was able to stay on the employment list. It may not be the job I had in mind, but I suppose it will do.

As Seth seemed to imply, as long as we do our jobs competently, we will be fine.